GMC Registration


Once you pass your PLAB 2 exam, you can apply for Full Registration with a License to Practice with the General Medical Council. You need to have 12 months of internship experience to apply for Full Registration.

You apply for GMC Registration through your account that you have used for booking Plab 1 & Plab 2.

You do not need GMC Registration to start applying for jobs, but you do need one before you start your job.

EPIC Verification

You should do EPIC verification of your medical degree ASAP, this is the step that will take the most time. You should aim to do your EPIC verification before or right after your plab 2.

You cannot apply for GMC Registration without finishing EPIC Verification, this is why it is important to do this first

Cost of GMC Registration

You should look up costs of Registration yourself but at present, these are the costs for GMC Registration:

If you have qualified from medical school in the last 5 years

  • Full Registration – £156
  • Provisional Registration – £52

    If you have have not qualified in the last 5 years
  • Full Registration – £406

Steps for Full GMC Registration

You need to fill out the Full GMC Registration form that is on the GMC online website, the form has several components which we will go through here.

  1. EPIC Verification Page

    You need to verify your primary medical qualification/ medical degree using the EPIC service. This is the step that can take the most time, the time it takes to verify depends on if your medical college does verification online or through post. Mine does it online so it took me 1.5 weeks.

    You need to go to this site, make an account. Follow the steps on the website and upload your identity documents and also your medical degree. Once you make your account you will get a verification number. You need this number as it is the first thing that the GMC registration form will ask for online.

    Fill out the number in the form and proceed to step 2.

  2. Internship Details Page

    Here you fill out your internship details. I did a 12 month post graduate internship. It was a rotational internship, so I filled out every rotation with a total of 10 rotations during the 12 month period

    1. Make sure your dates correspond to what you actually did
    2. Make sure you know if it is a pre graduate or post graduate internship
    3. Make sure you fill out every rotation during your internship

  3. Name Details Page

    Here you just fill out your name

  4. Recent Professional Experience Page

    Here you need to fill out what you have been doing professionaly over the last five years or since the date you were awarded your medical degree.

    You cannot have more than 28 days gap during this period, otherwise you will not be able to submit the application.

    You can be asked for evidence of things you write here, for example, I wrote that I did a Masters Degree from the US from 2017 to 2019, during my registration, the GMC asked for certificates to prove this so I could get GMC Registration.

    Any time that you were unemployed, you should write what you were doing during this time, either studying or vacationing. I had some time where I was vacationing so I just put ‘Vacationing and Traveling’

    Remember, be honest AT ALL TIMES whilst you fill out your application forms.

  5. Registration and Licensing History

    Here you will add any registrations that you CURRENTLY hold already. In my case I did not hold any registration from any medical council so I stated that. If you are registered with a medical council, you will need to send a certificate of good standing from each medical regulatory authority that you state in the application form.

  6. Fitness to Practice Page

    Here you just fill out information about your health, it is quite self explanatory.

  7. Declaration of Fitness to Practice Page

    This page is also easy to fill out, you just need to fill out if you have been convicted of any offenses or crimes etc. Again, ALWAYS BE HONEST, whilst you fill out these forms.

  8. Final Declaration Page

    Again, self explanatory, you will agree to the declaration on the page
  9. Payment Page

    Here you make the payment

My GMC Registration Timeline

  • Complete GMC online form on October 25th 2019
  • Got Full GMC Registration on November 15th 2019

Once you complete the form, they will ask you to e-mail some documents to the or even mail them some documents.

Most of the documents that they will ask will be from the evidence you have provided in the application form such as your primary medical qualification, your internship certificates etc.

You can use DHL to mail them documents.

Final Tips

  • Always be honest with filling out your application forms
  • Include your name and GMC registration number in all your correspondence with the GMC
  • You can email or call the GMC with any queries that you have but be patient for the reply.
  • Get your EPIC Verification done ASAP

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